Netent Finn and the swirly spin

Finn is a Leprechaun who lives mist of his life in the jungle. In this game, Finn explores the vast forest to gather treasures. You can also join Finn to explore this forest in this game. If you are searching for the best casino to play this game, you should check out netent-casino

Symbol payout values

There are different symbols you will come across while playing the game. These symbols are of different values and occur at different intervals. The symbol with the highest value is the red diamond symbol. This symbol pays as high as 500 coins. To get in-depth knowledge about this, you can visit

The next higher symbol is the bronze acorn. This symbol pays when you have at least three of it land on the reels. The symbols pay between 10 and 120 coins. The next symbol is a horseshoe symbol with a value of 20 to 100 coins when you hit at least three on the reels.

  • The games also have different card symbols.

The free spins key symbols

This is the most dominant symbol in the game. The symbol is always available in the main game and it moves closer to the middle of the reels as wins occur. The reels in this game do not roll as most reels do. Instead, it swirls hence the title of the game

Immediately the free spin key symbol gets to the centre of the reels, it activates the free spin. However, this can only occur is there is no winning combination that occurs in the previous game. In a case, where there is a win, no free spin will be awarded but the symbol will be stored.


The wild symbol

The wild symbol is another amazing symbol that will improve your chance of winning. The wild symbol substitute for all symbol except the free spins key symbol. Wins with wild symbol can intersect and overlap on the same row or column. After a win has been calculated, the symbols involved will disappear from the reels.

In this video slot, two types of win occur. The wins that involve a wild and the ones that do not. If a win involves a wild symbol, the wild symbol will explode and destroy the symbols that are vertical and horizontal to the position of the wild symbol. Other features include

  • Sticky wild
  • Random features.

Random feature bonus

There are different random features that you will come across while playing this game. The most common of all is the starfall wild. This feature selects random positions and places wilds in these positions. the number of wilds placed is always more than one. This is done in a way that a win must ensue.

There is also the dragon destroy. This feature lives up to its name. This can only be activated if there are no wins before the dragon destroy feature. This symbol destroys a random number of symbols around it in such a way that an avalanche will occur afterwards. Other random feature includes

  • Irish luck
  • Magic transform

The free spins bonus

There are four different free spins available to activate. However from the beginning of the game, only one of the free spin is accessible. The first type is the star bar feature which activates 7 free spins when is triggered. You only need 1 key to unlock this feature. The next is the lava lair.

If the lava lair free spins are activated, 3 free spins are rewarded in addition with Dragon destroy feature. There is also the Lucky mug feature. This mug free spin activates 4 free spins in addition to the Irish luck random feature. You can try the game out to see what it offers.